Tish Hinojosa, "Cada Nino/Every Child"

    What?Bilingual set of children's songs by acclaimed singer, Tish Hinojosa.
    Track Listing:1. Cada Nino :: Every Child 2. Escala Musical :: Music Scale 3. Siempre Abuelita :: Always Grandma 4. Barnyard Dance (El Baile Vegetal) 5. Nina Violina 6. Magnolia 7. Simplemente Por Amor :: Simply For Love 8. Hasta los Muertos Salen a Bailar :: Even The Dead Are Rising Up To Dance 9. Quien :: Who 10. Las Fronterizas :: The Frontier Women 11. Senora Santa Ana
    Questions?If you have any questions about this item, feel free to send us a text message at (909) 831-2823, or you can email us at help@arteyloqueras.com. (Hablamos español!)
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