Various Artists, "America es Bella" (Import from Mexico)

This is the CD version of the now out of print "America es Bella..." LP that was released by a DIY Mexican label some years ago.
Excellent compilation includes bands from all over Latin America: Desobediencia Civil (Mex), Regeneracion (Mex), Revuelta Propia (Mex), Los Crudos (USA), Os Mocos (Bra), Abuso Sonoro (Bra), Autocontrol (Arg), 720 (Arg), Fun People (Arg), Accion Directa (Arg), Redencion 911 (Arg), Disturbio Menor (Chi), Enfermos Terminales(Chi), Es Mierda (Col), Fertil Miseria (Col), Los Rezios (Peru), Enemigo de Clase (Par), 200 Muertos (Par), Crisis Politica (Ven), Silencio Absoluto (Chi).

This CD version includes, as bonus, 5 bands not included on the LP version:
Coprofilia (Mex), Huasipungo (USA), Discordia (Mex), Apatia NO (Col), Underthreat (Bra). 25 bands total!!

The CD comes in a very special book-like packaging and includes a 24 page booklet with info, pictures and lyrics of each band.
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