Muñecas Putas (+Romeo & the Frankensteins) CD (Punk) (Import from Mexico)

    What?CD features 6 tracks by Mexican psychobilly band Romeo & the Frankensteins and 6 tracks by Spanish punk band Muñecas Putas.
    Track Listing:Muñecas Putas (Punk band from Spain)

    1. Muñecas putas (Intro)
    2. Will kill you - iuslibol
    3. Marmol blanco
    4. Drogas deportivas
    5. Rebosantes de gusanos
    6. Yo no estoy bien

    Romeo & the Frankensteins (Psychobilly band from Mexico)

    7. The hunger
    8. Vampiros americanos en mexico
    9. Let me eat your brains
    10. Letter to the press
    11. Welcome in hell
    12. Horror picture addict
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