Moona Luna, "Piñata Party!" CD (Children's)

"Piñata Party!" is the fruit of Sandra Velasquez and Pistolera's side venture into music for children. This award-winning and acclaimed CD features bilingual lyrics and stylistic diversity (e.g., cumbia for kids!).
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    1.) ¿Quieres Bailar? 2.) We’re Gonna take A trip (Vamos A Viajar) 3.) Brinca, Jump! 4.) Mama, No Me Quiero Dormir (Mama, I Don’t Want To Sleep) 5.) Todas Las Comidas (All the Foods) 6.) Tomorrow’s Another Day (Mañana Es Otro Día) 7.) Don’t Ever Give Up 8.) Hay Que Trabajar (We All Have To Work) 9.) Cantame Una Canción (Sing Me A Song) 10.) De Colores (All The Colors) 11.) Te Amo (I Love You) 12.) Would You Like To Dance? (English Version of Track 1)

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