El Vez, "God Save the King: 25 Years of El Vez" CD (Import from Spain)

2013 release from the one and only Rey de Rock 'n' Roll celebrates the silver jubilee of this uncontainable storm of postmodern Chicanismo and Elvis impersonation. Features an assortment of 24 gems, many live.
    Track Listing1. El Vez airline 2. Aztlan (Live) 3. Trying to Get to You 4. It Ain't Easy (Live) 5. Quetzalcoatal 6. Saved 7. Orale (Church Mix) 8. Mexican Can (Live) 9. Hey Mr. DJ 10. Jesus Is Just Alright with Me 11. Can You Kali 12. Elvette (Live) 13. Volver (Live) 14. Space Oddity 15. Mexican Can (T-Rex Mix) 16. Power to the People (Live) 17. Sound of the Revolution 18. Say It Loud! (Live) 19. George Bush on the Guillotine (Live) 20. A Robot Dies 21. Heart Beat (Live) 22. Que Sera Sera (Live) 23. Rock & Roll Suicide (Live) 24. The End of the CD
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