El Vez, "Endless Revolution" Double CD [Enhanced]

Two-disc, hard-to-find "Service" re-issue of El Vez's masterwork, "G.I. Ay, Ay! Blues." Dexterously EV weaves together socio-political commentary, history lessons, and a performance of postmodern Chicano identity. Bonus tracks and videos (including a funked-up remix of "Say It Loud! I'm Brown and I'm Proud!") on the second disc make this all the more collectible.
    Track ListingDISC 1: Say it Loud! I'm Brown and I'm Proud! - Misery Tren - The Arm of Obregon - Power to the People - Cesar Chavez ‘96 - Frida's Life of Pain - Soy un Pocho - El Groover - Malinche - Taking Care of Business - Viva La Raza - Mexican American Triology - Whip - JC Lowrider Superstar - (Rock and Roll Suicide) If I Can Dream DISC 2 (enhanced): MUSIC: Caliente Amor (full length version) - Quetzalcoatal (version no.27) - Trying to Get to You - ¡Andale Zapatistas! VIDEOS: Say it Loud! I'm Brown and I'm Proud! (remix)- Go! Zapatistas Go! (live) Photos, liner notes and lyrics
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