El Vez, "Merry MeX-Mas" CD

El Vez's first MeX-Mas production offers a distinctively Chicano spin on Christmas that is at once fun and brilliant. Listen to Jose Feliciano meet PIL.; catch ¿Mamacita donde esta Santa Claus? meld seamlessly into the Smashing Pumpkins; and of course be introduced to drunk Uncle Pedro in 'Poncho Claus'. Altogether, the songs capture the multiple influences that converge to create the "Chicano experience," and they show how fun an experience it is. NOTE: This CD is now out-of-print and inventory is limited.
    Track ListingFeliz Navidad - Santa Claus is Sometimes Brown - ¿Mamacita donde esta Santa Claus? - Oranges for Christmas - Sleigh Ride - Christmas Wish - Poncho Claus - Christmas Time is here - Brown Christmas
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