El Vez, "Sno-Way Jose" CD

El Vez, sometimes called the "Chicano Elvis," is more than just an impersonator. He's a brilliant, entertaining artist known for stitching together the different cultural influences that criss-cross to make up the Chicano experience. With this cd not readily available elsewhere, Arte y Loqueras is honored that E would let us carry "Sno-Way Jose."
    Track ListingStudio tracks: Little Drummer Boy - The Dreydel Song - La Piñata - En El Barrio (at xmas time) - Cool Yule (featuring the Elvettes) - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday. Live tracks: Blue Christmas - Lordy Miss Lupe/Little Latin - Lupe Lu - Now I Wanna be Santa Claus - Brown Christmas (with hidden "Open Letter to Charlie Brown" 10 minutes after the end of "Brown Christmas").
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    The opening track rocks..."I Wish It Could Be Christmas" makes me want to roast chestnuts...and "Now I wanna Be Santa Claus" is too cool.

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