Susan & Denise Gonzales Abraham, "Cecilia's Year" (Juvenile Paperback Novel)

Covering a year in the life of a Depression-era girl in a Hispanic household in rural New Mexico, this book is a tribute to a quiet heroine. As children of the real Cecilia, the authors offer an episodic account of a 14-year-old who desperately wants to go to high school at a time when most girls were expected to work at home. The cultural details are vivid and integrated into the story, providing a rich context and a snapshot of an entire community. A concluding note tells what happened to Cecilia as an adult. This fictionalized biography succeeds on several levels. Each chapter takes place during one month and has the feel of a complete short story while carrying readers along as Cecilia's determination to be something more than a good farm wife and mother bumps up against tough opposition. Spanish proverbs and family photos round out this vivid story of one young woman's determination to follow her dream.
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