"In the Country Where Nothing Happens" DVD

    What?In this satire of Mexican politics, a corrupt businessman is kidnapped just as his wife is sent a videotape showing him with his mistress. When the two women get together, they become friends and decide the man they have both loved is not worth saving. "Maria del Carmen de Lara converts infidelity, poverty and kidnapping into a reason to laugh" (Cinepolis). Starring Fernando Lujan (No One Writes the Colonel), Julieta Egurrola (Deep Crimson) and Maria Isasi (Lovers of the Arctic Circle). In Spanish with English subtitles.
    Questions?If you have any questions about this item, feel free to send us a text message at (909) 831-2823, or you can email us at help@arteyloqueras.com. (Hablamos español!)
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