Culture Clash, "Life, Death, and Revolutionary Comedy" (Paperback Book)

    What?Culture Clash's first ever collection of their best. This three-person troupe of writers/performers is unique in the American landscape for its imaginative explorations of contemporary Latino/Chicano culture. Clashing with a society in transition, Culture Clash physicalizes comedy and satire, paying homage to Charlie Chaplin, Lenny Bruce, the Marx Brothers, and Catinflas, using vaudeville as a political weapon. Contents include: The Mission, in which three out-of-work performers from San Francisco's Mission District kidnap Julio Iglesias in a desperate attempt to get nationwide exposure for their act; A Bowl of Beings, which includes the tale of the first Hispanic -- Christopher Columbus's illegitimate son; "Stand and Deliver Pizza", the story of the famous math teacher who recruits young Chicanos to work in his pizza parlor; and Radio Mambo, wherein Culture Clash invades Miami to uncover a stewing pot of ethnicity
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