Brown Pride Riders, "Part IV" (Chicano Rap) [Explicit Lyrics]

    Track Listing:1. All Around the World - (Kid Frost)
    2. Eastside Rendezvous - (Kid Frost)
    3. We Are West Coast Criminals - West Coast Criminals
    4. Way We Do It, The - (Mr. Sancho)
    5. Throw Your Neighborhood - (Mr. Sancho)
    6. We Gonna Ride - (Mr. Sancho)
    7. Califa Thugs (We Get This Doe) - (Califa Thugs)
    8. Thuggish Chick - (Bullet Nasty)
    9. Home of the Ridahs - (Lil Bandit)
    10. You Know It's On - (Mr. Sancho)
    11. Recommend I Warn You - (Lil' One)
    12. Acaba de Empezar - (Mr. Sancho)
    13. We Put It Down For the West Coast - (Kid Frost)
    14. You Can't See Me - (Real)
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